Stock market tools and algorithms for Retail Traders

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Stockalgos is an affordable marketplace for stock tools & algorithms. This platform is designed for retail traders and is meant to help them synthesize data and experiment with tools to increase their chances of making money.

I directly worked (still working) with the founder of StockAlgos. We started by making corrections to the old product design so the StartUp can go for funding. After a while, we decided to come up with a new product design because the old one had outdated graphics and styles. The goal was to attract traction and be really helpful to retail traders.

In the following,
Find out what were the challenges in the old product design and how we tackled those.

(Psst. The founder of the StockAlgos - Trevor Bergeron - is the best guy to work with, admire him a lot.)

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Feb 2021 - Present

Checking the old outdated design


I made some quick design corrections to the product as the startup needed to go for funding. I picked the consistent icons, graphics and managed paddings. The algo/item page needed a fresh look as the old one was not following the best UX practices. So I moved some items here and there and boom, the new algo page was ready. Check it out.

But there were still some problems in the founding level of design that we decided to resolve with a new product version... 2.0.

Notes on the existing websiteNotes on the existing website

This is what we built by making some changes to the existing, but it was temporary...

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Web App Design

The objectives for a new product design were...
1. It could easily accommodate any new features
2. It should be consistent in terms of visuals and content
3. Obviously, it should be way easier to navigate as compared to the old ones.

StockAlgos 2.0

Design System

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