A smart solution for daily medicine taking patients

Redicine Medsol

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A revolutionary solution to the challenging medical non-adherence, Redicine is the ideal device that works in tandem with a hardware gadget and a software app to provide a hassle-free reminder to the patients of their medication doses.

Redicine required a brand identity that represents who they are and what they believe in. On this, I worked with a young designer, we started with some strategy sessions and carried out the identity together. We designed a pitch deck that illustrates the fatal problem of not taking medicines on time and a smart solution to back elderly patients.

Besides identity, they also required an app that connects with ReMed+ (a smart medicine reminding device) and interacts with users in the best way possible. (Because the focused users for Redicine are elderly patients.) Plus, a website to promote the product.

Providing services to Redicine was a long journey, we really spent much time putting Redicine ahead of the competition. Hats off to the co-founders for sticking around till we finished the job, there were many ups and downs.


Brand Identity
Pitch Deck Design
Mobile App Design
Website Design
Webflow Development




June 2021

Understanding the brand and drawing a line


It took many strategic sessions and meetings to understand the expectation and provide the solution respectively. We figured out some attributes for Redicine that were strictly followed while building the identity, website and app.

For each, we followed the standard process but we also broke sometimes, because everything doesn’t work for everyone.

Design explorations

Redicine logo exploration image
Redicine app activity diagram

App wireframes

Redicine app wireframe

Brand Identity

After narrowing it down from a lot of options to one, and then some revisions, we got a perfect representation for Redicine. After we prepared a guideline for using the identity. We also provided business stationary designs and social media graphics.

Besides these delivery, we helped them in preparing pitch deck, but we can not show you that.

Redicine LogoRedicine logo mockups
Redicine style guideline photos

Mobile App Design

The old one was a kind of replica of a competitor's mobile app, so obviously they asked for a new design. We decided to have a new flow according to the requirements, use cases, proper UX, and meaningful UI. And trust me, this took a considerable amount of time as it involved a lot of digging; Competitor research, Activity Diagrams, Wireframing, and Prototyping.

Redicine Medsol - Android
Redicine app screenshotRedicine app screenshotRedicine app screenshot

Website Design and Webflow Development

The goal was to increase awareness of the product by keeping the brand identity alive with the website. As I was the one who designed the whole brand identity for Redicine, it wasn't difficult for me to use the brand components in the website.

I looked for a simple and efficient way to provide information on the website. I also developed this website in Webflow. Importantly, I finished this website from design to development in just 4 weeks.

Redicine website sections lockup