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MeLiSA stands for Master Level Service Agreement. MeLiSA is the leading service provider in the medical simulation industry. MeLiSA decreases your simulator downtime and improves operations while connecting you to a network of simulation experts for all your simulation needs.

They were providing the stimulation support via the web but it was not that convenient, so they decided to go with a mobile app to lead the market. Hence the app can connect a user to a company representative via a voice call, video call or message in 60 seconds was needed. It was needed to be simple and super efficient.

What to expect...
How did I start the project? What were the challenges? What was my approach? Everything is mentioned below.

Mobile Apps Designs

Echo Company


Health care


Sept 2021

Researching users and searching features


I started with understanding the service Echo Healthcare was going to provide, that derived me towards the types of users and the list of features for the app. I presented an activity diagram to understand the app work flow.

As going ahead, we figured that two apps were required, one for users (medical simulator users) and another for experts (echo healthcare company representatives and admin).

app activity diagram

App Design

The ask was pretty simple - connecting the users (medical simulator users) to experts (echo healthcare company representatives) as quickly as possible - but you know simple things are the most complicated (If you beg defer then tell me life is really too short?)

Echo Company
MeLiSA home page screenshotMeLiSA schedule support screenshotMeLiSA chat screenshot
MeLiSA onboarding screenshotMeLiSA video call screenshotMeLiSA notification screenshot

Another App Design

The Echo Company app is for company representatives and admins. Company representatives can respond to the supports requested by end users. As having a calendar on home screen they can track their scheduled support.

Another user for this app is ADMIN. An admin can manage all the company reps, assign support requests to executives, know reps' availability and many other things.

Echo Company > Admin
Echo company connection screenshotEcho company survey screenshot
Echo Company home page screenshotEcho company reps profile screenshot
App Store Looks
MeLiSA app - app store lockup
Echo Company app - app store lockup