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Degenalytics is a platform of showcasing data of NFT games in a way that seekers understand easily. They look for data on game servers in real-time and present categorically - past performances, popularity among users, minting, renting and most importantly value of tokens.

The the website designing went through a rough journey, some designer left the website even before finishing a single page. I took the job and started with the most important page - Dashboard - that illustrates vast data of a NFT game in a most organized way.

Some images here and there, some data here there, some charts here and there, I can go on for this one. There were a lot of detailing to figure out and I was new to NFT and stuff to understand so it was really a challenging job for me to accomplish. BUT I did it, look at the designs pal, the client was very happy with my service.


Degenalytics Website


NFT Games


April 2022

Game analytics page - Dashboard

Diginalytics dashboard page

Landing page

Degenalytics landing page