About Me

A photo of nikunj maniya

I have these many years of experience in this, I can do this and that and I used to do this which helped to become this; really, who wants to read that.

Only a couple of things matter, firstly, I’m a computer engineer - I took engineering seriously but engineering betrayed me because I loved designing, secondly, I’m passionate about designing, building and selling products (isn’t that too much passion?) but it has to be fun.

Yep, I’m a self-taught designer. I learned from YouTube videos in the early days but then I am used to reading articles and taking courses.

I’m working as a freelance designer based in India, you can contact me via email or LinkedIn if you think I can be helpful to you.

Interface Design
Brand Identity
Webflow Development
Presentation Design
UX Research
Project Management

Design makes useful things pretty useful, sometimes it also can make useless things fun, but if something is not valuable to your users and you still want to make money out of it, my dear any good design would not work.

The primary job of designers is to make things communicate and easy to interact with (Only for those who are focused users, it doesn't have to be for all). And the secondary is to make it look beautiful. If you find something that has both then it’s a game-changer. It applies in all design disciplines - graphic, interior, exterior, product, motion, you name it.

I do a lot of things because I get bored easily. Reading newsletters. Playing with my nephew. Having discussions with friends or family about interesting topics (mostly fun topics). I’m a fan of Marvel and also admire DC. In sports, I’m fond of cricket. I might give boxing a try.  In future, I’d like to do farming, build furniture, learn music, and the list goes on.